RO Scibbles+Kid!Marlow

Just some random things I've done over the past couple days C:



Marlow Age 5 and 10
Then some Kid!Marlow, Age 5 and 11-12

MArlow and Porings copy

Plus some time to talk to Porings :v


I was art blocked yesterday and decided to draw the Rito I doodled earlier last week. Normally I'm not all into making Fan Characters but she was made for fun haha c:

Essentially she's just a regular Rito Postman, tends to carry around a spear like some Guard Rito. Nothing fancy about her. :v If I were to ever write a LoZ Fanfiction She'd play some kind of minor role like maybe a sidekick for a little while then go back to her mail carrying duties stopping by every once in awhile...

Random Rito

The Original doodle * u * It wasn't until I finished the coloured picture below that I realized that The Rito's eyes are ... Round :v But I like how I drew them so I stuck with it.

Rito OC

Then I did some more doodles c: Trying to figure out her outfit. She carries her postbag behind her on her belt and has the symbol of Din's Pearl on her back.

Remi copy Smaller

And then the coloured version of one of the doodles above. Gave her a name and colour scheme and the like * u * I'm not sure how their wings work fff-- :|

So anyways, this is Remi. I was originally going to spell it "Remy" but then went with the other spelling... Only to remember that it reminded me of Remilia from Touhou >BY But that's fine, I think Remi suits her fine. She's probably around the age of 23. Like I said if I were to make a fanfiction she'd probably live in another part of the great sea, far away from Dragon Roost Island. > u> Okay that's all lmao.


Fail Comic :v

Just goes to show that I can't make a comic to save my life :v

You are the Spirit of Wisdom SMALLER


Okay well not really. Christmas break started yesterday. Ahhh 2 weeks of doodling and sleeping in = u = so, here to share some things~

Mr. L

LOL THIS-- okay so I'm a sucker for Mario Fan Comics, espicially ones that have Luigi x Daisy asdjkl-- Not only are they my favourite characters but my favourite OTP Who the heck are Mario and Peach haha So I stumbled across a comic with Daisy and Mr.L who is Luigi but brainwashed, his first appearance was in Super Paper Mario. IDK something about the comic made me want to draw him. So I did.


Thiiis is for the Secret Santa Stellar Singers is holding. I'm happy with this really c': I just can't shade white hair is all ;;


Characters for a project I'm currently working on Bai Xiang-Yun and Himura Izumi. ... YEP, it seems like I'm starting to use this much more ; v;

Izumi Doodles

Xiang-Yun Doodles

Bai Xiang-Yun and Himura Izumi



I am Sleepy. At least that's what people call me. Welcome to my Character and Story Drabble blog.
I am a Post Graduate, still in high school hoping to go to college for Design and Illustration.

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